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GENeco; Bringing New Meaning to Pee in Your Gas Tank

by on August 5, 2010

GENeco refers to themselves as a sustainable energy company. What that means to them may vary, but what it may soon mean to you is a need for more dietary fiber. Currently testing in England is their new design, the Bio-Bug. A standard 2-liter Volkswagon Beetle converted to run on biogas, if successful it stands to make even electric cars obsolete. A regular sewage plant could power vehicles (without performance loss) around 95,000,000 miles each year.

The vehicles are designed so that if they run out of the compressed methane they switch to a backup tank with regular gasoline. Theoretically you could only have to pay for those rare fill ups, as home biogas ‘digesters’ have been on the market for several years. If the Bio-Bug comes through it’s testing on solid footing, it may be time to stock up onĀ Fiber One.


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  1. jspartansc permalink

    just to be clear….is doc gonna get his share for first doing this with the delorean in back to the future 2???

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